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It is my first blog on personal finance where I will be giving a short brief on why I choose this topic and why it is significant for all.

Let us see the downside of a lack of financial knowledge:  

  • Lack of awareness among people about how to manage money leads them to usually spend their entire lives slaving for money, always in debt, never able to catch up and get ahead. That is bad enough, but the issue goes far deep. 
  • It takes a toll on personal life to directly or indirectly leading to increased stress over financial matters, family ruptures, reduced savings towards retirement, and poor choices overall that hamper people from achieving their financial goals, and lack of job also contributes to that.

Why is Personal Financial Knowledge Critically Important?  

  • Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many are not adequately organizing their finances for education, healthcare, or retirement.
  • Personal finance knowledge helps in the understanding of financial products, effective budgeting, and retirement planning to build a financially secure future. Without it, people will likely continue living unfulfilling lives as slaves to money.

Sadly, most lack the money skills needed in the real world.

And that’s it, by now you might have understood why it is significant to have financial literacy.

But are you wondering how to increase your knowledge of personal finance management?

Do not worry!!

Stay tuned.

Blog posts are coming up to help you with it.

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